Antimatter at CERN

The ALPHA (Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus) experiment is not the only experiment trying to produce and understand the nature of anti-atoms at CERN. The ATRAP (Antihydrogen Trap) experiment is trying to make a similar set of measurements.

Another experiment called ASACUSA aims at studying the spectral features of antihydrogen by creating a beam of antihydrogen atoms which are studied in flight using microwave radiation, rather than in a Penning trap. Studies are also performed on antiprotonic helium, obtained by replacing one of the two electrons of a helium atom with an antiproton, to measure the mass of antiproton to an unprecedented level of accuracy. ASACUSA also studies the interactions that occur between matter and antimatter by colliding beams of antiprotons with various kinds of atoms and molecules.

Finally, the AEGIS experiment aims to measure the effect of the Earth's gravitational field on antihydrogen with a very high precision.